Orchestrator Run book for monitor disk space and run diskcleanup wizard

1. In this run book we have to enter the computername( I have used Initiate data Component)


2.Using get disk space component I used to give a drive(This one also can be automate)


3. Using the link between get disk space status and the run disk cleanup i set the freespace threshold for less than 5 gb

3 .


4. Then it will automatically run the disk clean up wizard on the perticular server.

*To install disk cleanup tools on the server please refer the this technet link




To download this runbook on my skydrive


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  1. Hi Darshana
    Thanks for the article, it is very helpful. I have a couple of quick questions if I may. I am relatively new to Service Manager and Orchestrator. I am trying to do a couple of things with them:
    1) I want to monitor disk space on servers. If the disk space goes over a certain threshold, I want to delete certain files, and log an incident in service manager and mark that as resolved.
    2) I want to monitor some services on servers, if the service stops, to automatically start the service and similarly log a ticket in service manager and mark that as resolved.
    I have Operations Manager installed and I can use Operations Manager to leverage the monitoring side of things. Can this be done? If so, can you please point me towards the direction of how to. I would really appreciate any assistance. Please help 🙁

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