Powershell scriipt for mirror user accounts group membership

I have created small power shell script where we can use this for mirror active directory user group membership. This script is usefulll when the new user coming to the organization we should give the correct group membership.
Write-Host “Please enter the user name of the source user”
Write-Host “Please type the user name which you want to mirror”
$strgmem=Get-ADPrincipalGroupMembership $strsourceuser
for($a=0; $a -le (($strgmem).Count)-1;$a++)
Write-Host $strgmem[$a].name
Add-ADGroupMember $grpname -Members $struser -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

Configure Windows NFS for vmware esxi

When we are using ESXI,we can use SAN/NAS as our shared storage. But to share ISO files/ ovf files, there is a easier way. Otherwise we have to upload and download mentioned files from the ESXI.

Windows 2008/2012 have native feature for configure NFS. We can follow below steps for the configuration.


1. Create a folder( We can give any name)


2. Go to the server manager. Add Windows Roles and features and select “Server for NFS” 


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Transfer windows license to virtual enviorement

Most of the users/customers now running their data centers on virtual platforms such as Hyper-V or VMware. Most of the times it needs to transfer our physical servers to virtual environment. we can use some vendor tools for transferring the physical servers to virtual environment.but how about your license. can we transfer existing license to virtual environment?. Answer is depend on your license model.

  • If you have OEM license, which is bind to the hardware. We cannot move this license to virtual environment. Therefore we have to purchase another licenses
  • If you have Open or EA agreements, we can simply transfer license to virtual environment.

Hyper-V Replica Broker

    As we already know Hyper-V replication we can use as our DR software. Using this valuable free feature of Hyper-V we can replicate virtual machine/s from one Hyper-V host to different Hyper-V host/s. Standalone Hyper-V environment, it’s very easy configuration we have to enable Hyper-V replication and replicate the virtual machines. But in a cluster environment, we have to think about virtual machine placement. We cannot guaranteed that the specific virtual machine is host in specific host.( We can do that, but this is not a correct way in a cluster environment). Hyper-V cluster environment we have to configure Hyper-V replica broker for configure the Hyper-V replication.

    Steps for configure Replica Broker

  • Open failover cluster manager > Select Configure Role


  • Click on “Next”
  • clip_image002

  • Select “Hyper-V Replica Broker” > Click on “Next”

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File Server Migration Toolkit

Windows 2003 Server has expired and there is no more support for the server. But the problem is still some of the organizations are using Windows 2003 as their servers such as active directory, file server, dhcp server.
To migrate some server roles are very easy because those have some inbuilt features or tools to migrate server role to new version. Also for some servers we can do the in place upgrade to new version. Windows 2003 we can upgrade to Windows 2008 R2 and then we can upgrade to the Server 2012. All the upgradable versions are listed in the below tabl