Troubleshooting vMotion

This blog post from is dedicated to gaining more knowledge on what to do when troubleshooting vMotion if a live-migration is not successful. What are typical reasons for failed migrations? What logs to look into? Let’s have a look at how you can troubleshoot and prevent vMotion operations to fail

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How to increase disk space of vCenter appliance

vCenter appliance is a vm and most of the time we are running it on the same ESXi cluster.

In some cases we may need to increase the disk capacity of some partition(most of the time its log file path).If our vCenter is running out of disk space, vCenter related services may not tart as expected. To resolve this issue we need to increase the free space capacity of the vCenter appliance.

How to do this

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ESXI shell register all the *.vmx files in datastore/s

Using below bash script we can register all the vms in datastores with ESXi host.This has tested in vSphere 6.5 & 6.7 Hol
for myvm in $(find / -name *.vmx);


vim-cmd solo/registervm $myvm


if we want we can find on specific datastore. please refer the below example
find /vmfs/voluems/datastore10R10/ -name *.vmx
(datastore10R10 is my datatore name)

Configure backup & restore vCenter 6.7

This is a very useful feature when its working with changes.This is the easiest way to restore our vCenter.

As a destination backup media we need to have http,https,ftp or ftps server. Since I had windows server. Just I add web roles with ffp feature sfrom server manager.

Once I completed that process. I have to do the following configuration on windows server.

Open Internet information service manager

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how to use telnet command in vCenter appliance putty session

Telnet is the command which we can easily use to check the service status of the remote system.
Ex if we can telnet to vCenter server from our desktop using port 443, we can say that web services of the vCenter is up
But when we use vCenter shell or ESXi shell, we cannot use telnet command.
As an alternative option, we can use curl command. Please refer the below screen capture
curl -v telent://vcsa-01a:443